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Through the Eyes of a Seer

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Paul Richards
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A Seer is an agent of change.  He or she possesses real, concrete extraordinary powers of Energy, mastery of attention, and Intent. These are tangible, specific capabilities that allow Seers to lead remarkable lives.  A Seer lives in two levels of awareness at once, simultaneously witnessing the ordinary perceptual world of physical reality and, more importantly, another entirely different non-ordinary environment.  As a result, the world to a Seer is richer, deeper, and far more nuanced and multilayered than that seen by the average person.  It is filled with the constant promise of the extraordinary.  Looking at the landscape through the eyes of such a person is a powerful way to learn about change, and to be changed.

Through the Eyes of a Seer Audio Training Course is a 12-hour audio program presented by Paul and Patricia Richards that offers simple exercises and practices to help people understand the human Energy field, perceive the surrounding Energetic environment, and apply these skills in powerful, proactive ways in everyday life.

“This is the most innovative, practical approach to embracing Energy in daily life I’ve ever seen. I have been using many of your concepts with my graduate students and therapy clients. I am observing an extraordinary shift.” D.F. Ph.D. Kent, WA

“The job of introducing you to a course about a Seer and a Seer’s world is an intricate one. The Seven Secrets of Energy and Intent, offered below, provide a preview of the insights at the heart of our program and a demonstration of the power of Seeing.”

Paul & Patricia Richards

Seven Secrets of Energy
and Intent

The Promise of this Program

Nurse Practitioner
Medford, OR

This course is not about how to understand power, to celebrate or appreciate power, to listen to or relate successfully to the powerful, or to be near the powerful. It is not about collective power or the power of fame or wealth or good looks or skillful negotiation, charisma, or persuasion.

It is not about appearing to be powerful or cleverly gaining the advantages of power without being subject to its risks. It is not about borrowing power or basking in the reflected glow of power or about denial of the existence of power or transcending the need for power.

It is not about getting what you want.

It is about you being personally powerful as a means to improving your quality of life and the lives of those you love in a declining culture. It is about offering something new to that culture. And it is about finding the subtle trick of inspiring others to be powerful.

When you stand up alongside something really powerful, or have to stand up to something really powerful, are you in the end going to be diminished or inspired by it? Looking through the eyes of a Seer in the pages ahead you will glimpse new answers to this question and be offered concrete tools of choice and power. That is the promise of this work. The ultimate question posed by this course, one that can only be answered by you, is this: What are you being asked to do with your power, really, in the time you are given?

Almost everyone has a “sense of energy”, and with a little attention, this can be cultivated in incredibly beneficial ways. Energy is the realm where the most important communication of your life is happening. By addressing the energy component of your everyday experience, it is possible to have real change and deep intimacy. Simple techniques such as how to perceive and communicate in energy, how to avoid being drained by dysfunctional people, how to gather and store energy, and how to stay centered in the midst of overload can give you relaxation, empowerment and effectiveness.

If you want a clear, practical framework for understanding and using your energy senses, in ways that free your attention and awaken your potential, this course is for you.

No unusual ability is needed to learn these energy skills-just your curiosity and a willingness to let us direct your attention in new ways.

Patricia Richards

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The Development of a Seer: Paul Richards

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The World Through the Eyes of a Seer…

What is that world like? It is a world of extraordinary promise.
Today’s world is a place in which there is more to every person, motion or thing than is now being realized. Nearly every action undertaken in this world can have more power and more impact than it now delivers. Almost every word being spoken could be said with more compelling force, presence, and resultant intimacy. Every kiss could open a human heart. Inside every person is something waiting to arise that transcends the ordinary model of human power, grace, vision, and beauty.

Why is that extraordinary promise unfulfilled?
In the eyes of a Seer, one of the major reasons for unfulfilled promise is the gap in Energy and Intent education. These major points alone are enough to retard or prevent the realization of the promise of the moment:

  • Most people aren’t seeing enough of the treasure. They don’t know that the promise of the extraordinary in each moment and each thing actually exists. The magnitude of what is possible is not real to them.

  • People are not fully aware that humans can perceive and identify profound agents of change that are all around us. Even if they are aware of the existence of extraordinary agents of change, most people don’t have enough personal perceptual power to see and identify the truly available agents of change, which are usually far from obvious in daily life.

  • People don’t yet realize that they can develop the personal power, motivation, and mobility to get close to these needed change agents. Moving close to a change agent is often counterintuitive, inconvenient or difficult to do. The skills to relate to them in safe, healthy, and successful ways are elusive.

  • Most people aren’t yet awake to the crucial fact that they need to create a powerful energetic presence in order to be really changed, and to help others change. People don’t know how to be energetically present and available enough to actually be affected by the agent of change. This is actually the most difficult of all the tasks.
How can people who may never have personal access to a Seer bridge this Energy/Intent education gap? The Through the Eyes of a Seer course, offered below, is ideal for this purpose.

The Through the Eyes of a Seer
Audio Training Course

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Re-awakening Personal Power in a World of Lost Vision

Copyright 2007 by Paul Richards

Course Description

This audio course is an in-depth exploration of a unique model for exploring extraordinary personal power that springs from the specialized perspective of Seer and former aerospace executive Paul Richards. The program offers education and training in concrete, specific techniques that harness non-ordinary Energy and Intent to radically improve the quality of life in completely new ways. It offers a distillation of powerful material refined and proven during fifteen years spent teaching Energetics and Intent to professional, educated protégés.

Paul, together with his wife and partner Patricia, offer a stunning description of the deeply nuanced worldview and techniques of a Seer in clear, practical language This program constitutes the first broad public access to what has previously been a private oral tradition with roots spanning generations of gifted Seers.

Paul Richards
The Founder of Senté
Patricia Richards
The Co-founder of Senté

"Through the Eyes of a Seer provides a no-nonsense view of power and change that is exciting and creative…I now have the tools I need to continue designing my life as a work of art that both inspires me and contributes to others." ~Jay Schroder, educator

Course Benefits

After taking this course, you will have a powerful framework for understanding Energy that is a working model, not a belief. You, as an Energy Progressive, will possess an active, fluid, and accurate sense of Energy, and will have the skills needed to exhibit these seven characteristics:

  1. You know how to claim, own, occupy, and maintain your energy field, and can do this with the same confidence with which you take care of your physical body. You can do this walking nervously into a court of law or into the middle of a tense negotiation with an angry neighbor. You can also do it with grace and style in the presence of those you most love.

  2. You are awake to the basic needs of the Energy Body. You know how to gather Energy, to remove negative content, and to opt out of entanglements with other people. You also are skilled in communicating through both the physical and Energetic bodies, and at sending nourishing messages to others simultaneously in Energy and words.

  3. You understand basic techniques that help you to be energetically present in a moment, to be changed by that moment, and to change the moment because you are there in it. You possess specific techniques of voice and disclosure, walking and action, planning, choice, and attention that help you contribute more to your world.

  4. You know how to center yourself and how to Energetically Stay Home when you are under pressure. You can act to prevent the crucial elements that comprise your Energetic center from leaving your physical center. You can cope with modern sensory overload, giving you the ability to see the touchstone of a problem or an opportunity. You can focus on a center and ignore extraneous but demanding details, if necessary, and thus direct Energy and attention in ways that bring changes to whole systems.

  5. You have a good working knowledge of the Simple Rules of Intent, which is the force for real change in the universe. You also have a list of Intent questions to ask yourself internally. They allow you to supercharge your actions and tap into extraordinary support for your life.

  6. Lastly, you know how to keep your feet firmly on planet Earth; you are someone who is Energetically literate and not lost in a world of fantasy about the non-ordinary.

And you are ready to learn more...

You are prepared and qualified to delve more deeply, if you wish, into the world of Seers. As an Energy Progressive, you can purchase and study more advanced material, and you are eligible to attend Through the Eyes of a Seer seminars.

Course Contents

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  • 12 hours of riveting audio lectures
  • A 72-page work book with illustrations and graphics to support the audio presentation

Course Topics
Partial List, Download Article (PDF, 56K)

Most people who are trying to effectively use Energy and Intent in their lives find it next to impossible to succeed without the help of a mentor and a well designed program. Paul and I have successfully mentored hundreds of people in Senté Energetics in live sessions, via video, by telephone and in seminars. We have discovered what people need to know to succeed and where they tend to get stuck. We have created easy, enjoyable exercises that allow people to develop their “sense of energy” with immediate results. In the process, we have watched people blossom and their promise as humans unfold.

With this home study course we offer you the opportunity to become an “Energy Progressive”—someone able to perceive and use Energy and Intent in beneficial ways.

Through the Eyes of a Seer Study Course is our heartfelt offering to you and to the world we live in. If you would like to replace myth with possibility we invite you to take the journey…

Patricia Richards

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Paul Richards
Senté Center
Ashland, OR

Patricia Richards
Senté Center
Ashland, OR

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Ashland, OR

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Seattle, WA

Course Invitation

Through the eyes of a Seer, the world as it is can change. It has to change. This change starts with you, and with your development of a healthy relationship to personal power through knowledge of Energy and Intent. Paul and Patricia Richards invite you to join the world of Energy Progressives and to awaken your own “sense of Energy.” Through this, you will express love more vividly than ever before and you will experience firsthand the states of being that arise when an informed awareness of the human Energy body is added to your day-to-day interactions. The potential for fun, for awakening, for sharing of experience, becomes almost unlimited.

Through the Eyes of a Seer is an exploration of what really changes humans, their lives, and the world around them. It is detailed, specific, easy to access, immediately applicable, and it works.

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We offer a complete refund if you are unhappy with this program, for any reason, within 30 days of purchase.